Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cook Newton

          I've been wanting to try Cook since it opened, and I'd seen the initial menu online. I was intrigued by a lobster and cornbread stuffed trout wrapped in bacon, which sadly had been taken off the menu, but there were plenty of other dishes that sounded delicious!

          I decided to try it with the bf on a Saturday, and we walked in around 5:30pm. We ate the bar because the place was already packed!

          We started with two appetizers: boar nachos (a special) and lobster sliders. The nachos were definitely my favorite of the two, served in a cast iron skillet and loaded with tons of ground boar, melted cheese, jalepenos, and a tomato cream.

           The sliders consisted of lobster salad served on on a thick potato bun.

          For my main course I tried the fried chicken dinner. The best way to describe this dish is hearty. It came with two chicken thighs deep fried in a thick batter finished with cornmeal, which made the chicken extra crisp. The side dishes were also substantial and could've been a meal in itself! I loved the biscuit and mashed potatoes and gravy. The biscuit was dense without being dry and had a great buttery flavor.

          Overall it was a great meal, and it's nice to have a new neighborhood spot. I would definitely return (even sooner if they bring back the trout)!
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