Saturday, December 8, 2012

Treats on Washington

          Earlier this week I attended a tasting event at Treats on Washington in Brighton Center. I'd never been, but was excited to check out a potential new breakfast or lunch spot near my office. I was expecting to try some tasty pastries and baked goods, but everything from the food and beverages to the cozy atmosphere and super friendly owners completely exceeded my expectations!

          In addition to traditional bakery items, Treats also offers a variety of savory dishes for breakfast and lunch. I sampled the curried lentil soup (vegan) and roasted vegetable sandwich, which were both amazing! I was impressed to learn that all of the ingredients including the bread are made from scratch in house.

          They even make their own sodas, including the syrup and carbonation. The flavors vary, but the cranberry ginger I tried was delicious!

          I tried several desserts, some of my favorites included the blueberry white chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon buns, and chocolate meringue cookies. 

          I also learned that Treats has a catering menu available including custom pies, cupcakes, and wedding cakes in addition to the regular menu. 

          They make fresh donuts on Saturdays and change the flavors up once a month. I'm bummed I missed last month's apple beignets, but will have to make it in on a weekend sometime soon to check out this month's special! I also can't wait to try the bacon, egg, and cheese "hot pockets" for breakfast and take home a chicken pie for dinner!
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