Tuesday, July 17, 2012

India Samraat Via Foodler

          I recently tried the delivery service Foodler for the first time (although I received a discount to blog about my experience, the opinions are my own) completely starving after a long day at work. I logged in and was a bit overwhelmed by all of the choices, although this was in no way a negative on Foodler’s part. The website is very well organized with the ability to sort by cuisine type, distance, and price. As a foodie, I’m easily distracted by menus and with so many right in front of me I just started reading them rather than actually thinking about what to eat. Fast forward a half hour, I decided I felt like Indian.

          I wanted to try somewhere new, so I went with the place with the combination of best reviews and most perks. India Samraat on Mass Ave in Boston was the winner with a 15% instant rebate, free delivery, triple rewards points, and 4.5 of 5 stars. I placed my order easily (the interface was very user friendly) and received an email confirmation in less than a minute estimating my delivery time at one hour (typical for the area). While waiting I decided to check out the site and learn more about the rewards points and instant rebates.

          I learned that Foodler bucks can be used like cash for any Foodler purchase, and rewards points are more like credit card rewards. The rewards points can be used towards gift cards like Amazon and Apple, merchandise like a Foodler T shirt, or more Foodler bucks. I earned a total of 207 for placing and rating my order. This was certainly not enough to redeem for anything now, but one or two more orders could get me a Foodler t-shirt and twenty orders could get me another $10 in Foodler bucks. Not a bad deal!

         I placed my order and received the confirmation email within a minute. The estimated delivery time was one hour. It arrived five minutes early, with all of the food packaged neatly in individually labeled containers. I ordered chicken curry, cheese naan, and cheese pakora, and was pleasantly surprised to see that they had included a complimentary side of basmati rice.

          The cheese pakora included six slices of cheese fried in chickpea batter. This was almost like an Indian version of a cheese stick. It was a patty and the cheese wasn’t quite as gooey as mozzarella, but it was the same idea and even came with a spicy red sauce.

          The chicken curry was delicious, and included a generous portion of boneless chicken in a mild curry sauce. I enjoyed half of the chicken and rice leftover for lunch the next day.

          The cheese naan was a white break stuffed with cheese and onions. This was very good, but after dipping the bread in my curry sauce I couldn’t taste much else. Next time I might save the $2 and order the plain naan, although this was very tasty!

          Overall I was very happy with my Foodler experience and I would use it again (and order from this restaurant again). The food was hot and on time, and I know I have almost $4 in Foodler bucks waiting for me (and the opportunity to earn so much more)!

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