Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Michael Jordan's Steakhouse

           I first tried Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse in Grand Central Station close to ten years ago during my first trip to Manhattan. I ordered the garlic bread with Gorgonzola fondue as an appetizer, and the bone in rib eye for my entree, and they were so good that I went back for a second dinner during the same weekend trip. This was long before I considered myself a foodie, and my trips to NY were more about the shopping then the restaurants. Rather than try new places every time as I started to do more recently, for several years I went back to Michael Jordan’s every time I visited NY (sometimes more than once per trip). Eventually I learned about the Michelin Guide, and the focus of my trips to NY became completing the list of three, then two starred restaurants. I forgot about Michael Jordan’s until I heard about the newer location at Mohegan Sun.

          I grew up with family vacations to both Mohegan and Foxwoods, and when my friends and I turned twenty-one, I never had trouble finding anyone to go to a casino with me. However, until recently I had a hard time finding someone to go with me for dinner rather than gambling. I finally tried Michael Jordan’s at Mohegan this past fall and after all the years of building it up in my mind, it was just as good as I remembered.

          I ordered the fondue, which had always been my favorite, and it was exactly the same – thick slices of toasted garlic bread stacked on top of a plate of warm, melted Gorgonzola. It was delicious and not as heavy as traditional cheese fondue, leaving plenty of room for steak.

          Rib eye was always my favorite cut of beef, but having become slightly more health conscious I now order the petite filet when I eat at steakhouses. I was tempted to order the rib eye at Michael Jordan’s just for old times’ sake, but opted for the filet and it did not disappoint. It was cooked perfectly, and served with a side of truffled potato salad. I’m not normally a fan of potato salad as I don’t like mayonnaise, but this was more like warm, soft, diced potatoes with a truffle sauce and went really well with the filet. 

          After the steak and fondue, I was way too full to try dessert, but left completely satisfied with my meal and that Michael Jordan’s lived up to the expectations after so many years. 

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