Saturday, March 7, 2015

Wikipearls and Cafe Art Science

          The combination of food and science is a perfect concept for Kendall Square. I was intrigued when Cafe Art Science opened and made a point to try them for dinner right away. More recently, I learned that restaurant founder David Edwards is also the inventor of Wikipearls, a healthy, delicious, and sustainable new dessert produced by Stonyfield.

          Stonyfield frozen yogurt pearls are scoops of organic, frozen, nonfat yogurt wrapped in fruit skins. The skins are designed so they won't melt, which makes them perfect for snacking on the go. The edible wrapper combined with the biodegradable bag also make them completely sustainable (in addition to being delicious)!

           At Cafe Art Science, I had the opportunity to hear from David Edwards himself and try several flavors including strawberry, peach, and chocolate coconut. They were all tasty, but my favorite was definitely chocolate coconut.

          In addition to the yogurt pearls, Cafe Art Science also provided some delicious charcuterie, cocktails, and other treats.

          Stonyfield frozen yogurt pearls are available at Cafe Art Science and Whole Foods. Here's a coupon so you can give them a try!

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