Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Sinclair

          The Sinclair opened in Harvard Square in March 2013, and is part bar, part restaurant, part live music venue. It was the joint project of Chef Michael Schlow and Marcellus Coleman (of the Food Network show Chopped), so naturally I had to try it!

          I went with my friend Michelle for dinner and a show (Kurt Vile) over the weekend, and had a fantastic experience. The food was affordable, upscale comfort with a twist, and lots of southern influence. There was also an extensive list of creative cocktails. The atmosphere is industrial / minimalist which fits in perfectly for the neighborhood.

          I started with a cocktail, the Truant, which included strawberry basil vodka, st. germaine, and sparkling wine. This was delicious, and so creative.

          We ordered the disco fries as an appetizer, which consisted of waffle fries baked in a skillet with cheese sauce, chorizo gravy, and jalepenos. This was by far my favorite dish of the night and one of the better variations of poutine I've tried, which seems to be a trend in Boston lately.

          Next were the entrees. Michelle had been before raved about the veggie burger but they'd just run out. Instead she tried the vindaloo with grilled tofu, which she enjoyed although not as much as the burger. I tried a bite and really enjoyed the texture of the grilled tofu.

          I agonized over my decision between the burger or fried chicken, and finally settled on the chicken. It was a boneless version, with thick slices of juicy white meat, breaded and fried, and served over a mix of sweet corn and collard greens. The chicken was delicious, and I can't wait to go back for the burger!

          We also shared a couple of sides, which sounded so intriguing and unusual I simply had to try them!

          First were the fried chicken skins coated in powders flavored with ranch and chive, blue cheese, and franks red hot sauce.  My favorite was the ranch, but the franks was definitely most impressive and tasted just like a buffalo wing!

          The bone marrow was flash fried and served with a Thai peanut sauce. I loved the concept, but I decided I prefer the traditional preparation (roasted and spread over toast).

           It was an amazing meal but we were way too full for dessert, and headed over to the other half of the building for some live music. We had just as much fun at the show, check out Michelle's recap and pics here!

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