Monday, May 13, 2013

Brunch at Bokx 109

          Last weekend I had the opportunity to try the Brunch at Bokx 109 in Newton as part of a contest I won with the Boston Brunchers. I've always enjoyed the dinner menu, and was glad to find the brunch menu was as good (if not better)!

          I started with my favorite cocktail, the Bloody Mary. This was definitely the most impressive I'd had in awhile, garnished with blue cheese stuffed olives and beef jerky.

          The Chef treated us to an amuse of mascarpone sacchetti, which was delicious and possibly my favorite course we tried.

          Next was the BLT salad which included bits of sugar cane cured pork belly, a fried sous vide egg, tarragon and bacon vinaigrette, and oil cured tomatoes. I loved the creativity and combination of flavors in this dish!

          My bf tried and really enjoyed the smoked salmon, which also looked amazing.

          Always a fan of the Bokx 109 steaks, the filet and eggs was an easy decision for my main course. This was served benedict-style with two sous vide eggs over grilled brioche and topped with borderlaise (I requested mine on the side, which they gladly accommodated). Both the steak and eggs were cooked perfectly, and I loved the hint of truffle in the sauce.

          My bf tried another variation of eggs benedict: the green eggs and ham with proscuitto and pesto sauce.

          Thanks to Boston Brunchers and Bokx 109 for such a great meal! It's definitely one of the best brunches I've had without going into the city, and could see myself coming back here regularly!

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  1. Oh wow! I'm going this Sunday for brunch. I think I'm going to order the eggs benedict!

    1. They were so good! I'll to check out your post and see what you think!