Saturday, November 23, 2013


          Want to bring something fun and different to Thanksgiving this year? Check out the chocolate cornocupia from Serenade Chocolatier in Brookline. With a shell made entirely of chocolate, and the assortment of candies inside its sure to be a big hit!

          I recently visited Serenade to sample some of their chocolates and chat with the owner and chocolate maker Nur Kilc. I learned that all of the chocolate is made in house, and there are over 60 flavors available. They are also all completely gluten free.

          I tried the new dark and stormy chocolate, a dark chocolate shell with a run flavored center inspired by Nur's 21 year old son who loves the drink. She was also sampling dark chocolate and salted almond bark, which hasnt made it on the menu yet but i hope it does! My favorite was the maple syrup smoked salted caramel, made with 72% dark chocolate.

          For special occasions other than Thanksgiving, there is even a Piñata cake! The Chocolate shell is shaped like a cake and the inside is filled with assorted candies. The idea came out of trying to make a gluten free birthday cake, before gluten free ingredients were so readily available. It's even been feature on Rachael Ray as one of her favorite desserts!

          All of their products are available online, so you dont need to be local to try them. But, the shop on Harvard ave in Brookline is definitely worth stopping in if you're in the neighborhood, I'm glad I did!

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