Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dinner at Taberna de Haro

          If you follow my blog, you know that I recently attended an anniversary party at Taberna de Haro in Brookline. The apps I tried were so amazing that I had to go back for dinner, so last Saturday night the bf and I went in for the full experience!

          We sat in the original dining room (from prior to the expansion), which has a very cozy, authentic feel. We were directly across from the open kitchen and enjoyed watching the food come out - it definitely influenced some of our ordering!

          We started with the Jamón Serrano (Imported cured Spanish ham) and a plate of mixed Spanish cheeses. They were both great with the basket of fresh bread, and I enjoyed mixing and matching the honey and quince paste with each of the different cheese.

          Next we tried an assortment of tapas, some I'd tried before and others were new.  My favorites were still the croquetas and tortilla but I really enjoyed trying the other dishes! The chorizo had a great sweet flavor from the cider and just melted in your mouth. The beef hearts were so tender and flavorful, like a really good cut of steak.

 Tortilla espanola (potato-onion omelette)

Piquillos rellenos de txangurro (piquillo peppers stuffed with crab meat)

 Braised Beef hearts

Chorizo a la sidra (Chorizo braised in hard cider)

Croquetas de jamón (fried bechamel with jamón)

          We were stuffed, but couldn't leave without trying the flan clásico (milk caramel custard) for dessert. We were glad we did, and somehow found room for every bite!

          The meal at Taberna de Haro was just as good as I expected, and will definitely be my regular spot for tapas from now on. Next on my list is to try the Tuesday night roast suckling pig!
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