Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Food Tourism Conference Coming to Providence

Mystery Meet is launching the nation's first Food Tourism Conference in Providence this fall. It's an event for anyone who plans their vacations around food, and as someone who does this regularly I'm so excited for the conference!

During the conference, guests will be able to:
  • Sample foods from different places
  • Learn the culinary history of different regions
  • Gain practical tips for planning your own food-based vacation
  • Listen to keynote speaker Matt Jennings of Farmstead (twice shortlisted for James Beards' Best Chef Northeast)
There's only one catch! Mystery Meet needs funding to make this conference happen. Even $1 will help. Visit their website to learn about their  Kickstarter campaign and how to contribute, or just watch this video!

Mystery Meet is a culinary group that brings together adventurous foodies by hosting dinners at restaurants undisclosed to the participants until 24 hours in advance. I participated in my first this fall, and had a great time!

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