Thursday, September 12, 2013

In a Pickle

          Since moving to Waltham I've been on a hunt for the best breakfast spot, and finally found it at In a Pickle on Moody Street. It recently moved and reopened, and I've been told the new location is even bigger and more popular. In a Pickle made my list to try after seeing the long line weekend after weekend. Since I literally live right next door, I've gone down a few times, given my name, and waited in the comfort of my apartment!

           The menu is impressive and includes a large selection of creative and delicious sounding pancakes like chocolate chip cookie dough, snickers, and more! Although I've opted for somewhat healthier options, I'm sure one day these will tempt me!

          My favorite is the eggs benedict, which is available on the weekends only. They normally come with cheese and a side of homefries, but you can make them healthier by skipping the cheese and substituting fresh tomato for the home fries. Either way, this is the best eggs benedict I've found on Moody Street.

Healthier Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict
         On weekdays when I can't get eggs benedict, I like the whole grain Belgium waffle with bananas and real maple syrup (the real syrup is a small upcharge).

          In a Pickle has quickly become my regular neighborhood spot for breakfast, and it is definitely the best in Waltham! Check them out if you're in the area!

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  1. Oh man, I LOVED In a pickle. When I used to work in Waltham, we would go there once a week before work. I need to go back!