Monday, September 23, 2013

Boston Chops

           I've been wanting to check out Boston Chops in the south end since it opened; I'm a big fan of Duexave, and I love a good steakhouse! I finally made it in this past weekend, and had an amazing experience.

          We started with two popovers, which they bring over at the start of each meal in place of a bread basket. They were baked fresh to order, and perfectly light and airy.

          Next were the appetizers; I enjoyed the roasted bone marrow, served with thin sliced toast in a skillet of onion jus. This was rich and decadent, but surprisingly light.

          The bf tried the steak tartare, one of his favorite dishes. He said it was definitely one of the better preparations he's had in a while, and appreciated that the egg yolk was already mixed in -  because in his words, the kitchen can do it much better than he could!

          I ordered my favorite cut of steak, the 14 oz bone in filet, as my main course. I usually order this larger cut for the flavor of the bone, but never finish it. This was the closest I've come in a long time, and I might have finished if I hadn't ordered the massive baked potato!

         When I say massive, I mean this was the biggest potato I've ever seen - enough for a meal on its own! It was served twice baked and topped with cheese curds, gravy, and chunks of thick sliced bacon. This was by far the best potato I've ever had; I took it home and ate the rest for breakfast the next day!

          The bf ordered the fried chicken, with the logic that if a steakhouse was offering it on the menu, it had to be really good. It definitely lived up to these expectations with three mostly boneless pieces fried perfectly (but not too) crisp, served with mashed potato and greens. I stole a couple of bites and agreed it was some amazing fried chicken!

          We were really full at this point but just had to try dessert. The sticky toffee pudding was the perfect end to our meal, and we nearly finished it!


          Boston Chops is a great addition to the South End and manages to stand apart from the other steakhouses in the city. I will definitely be back. 

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