Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 2 at Canyon Ranch: The Demonstration Kitchen

           Today at canyon ranch, I had some more amazing meals in the dining room. Breakfast included turkey hash, a poached egg, chicken sausage, and whole wheat pancake ~450 calories

           Lunch included smoked trout salad with bagel crisps ~ 310 calories

         I also attended a class called the fastest meals imaginable. It was a two part class, the first half was a discussion with a nutritionist and the second an interactive cooking demo with one of Canyon Ranch's gourmet chefs.

           The nutritionist gave us great tips on what to keep on hand in our pantries and freezers. We also got a book of recipes to take home, which included lists of preferred brands, vendors, and stores. Many of the tips were simple, but things I wouldn't think of like cooking in bulk, washing and prepping vegetables when you buy them and are putting them away already, or making chili or sauce from a can and adding to it.

           The cooking demonstration was also great! We prepared a four-ingredient shrimp dish, and a steak stir-fry one at a time, in less than an hour total. I can't wait to try them at home and check out the recipes in my cookbook.

           I ended my day at the Taste if the Berkshires dinner, a four course meal featuring seasonal ingredients from local farms and producers. Be sure to check back for a full recap!

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