Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mystery Meet Dinner at the Tip Tap Room

          Earlier this week I attended my first ever Mystery Meet Dinner at the Tip Tap Room. Mystery Meet is a group that gets together once a month for dinner, each month’s dinner is hosted by a different local blogger, and attendees sign up before knowing where they’ll be eating or what will be on the menu (the location is announced 24 hours in advance and the menu is generally Chef’s choice). As a foodie who loves to try new places and all different types of cuisine, I loved the concept! It also didn’t hurt that my friend Jen (aka the Boston Bachelorette) was hosting :)

          I was prepared to try lots of great new things, but I was not expecting Chef Brian Poe to bring out samples of almost every dish on the menu! We started with two plates each of five different appetizers for the table. Everything was delicious, but my favorites were the potato and cheese, and cheese and cracklins. 

Baked Brie: St. Andre brie, coriander citrus roasted beets, and a warm mushroom vinaigrette

Cheese and Cracklins: Fried goat cheese balls, duck fat fried proscuitto cracklins, grilled aspargus tips and carrot ginger sauce

Potato: Seven-bacon tips, beer cheese sauce, fried oysters, and pickled serrano pico

Rock Shrimp: Katafi and nori fried rock shrimp, cucumber salad, and chile ginger sauce

 Wild Mushrooms: Sauteed with soy and chive vinaigrette, and charred tomato tips
          Next, we each had our own autumn salad, which was amazing and so creative! I loved the roasted pumpkin and tried to get some in every bite! 

          For our main course, we tried almost every type of tip of on the menu including some specials. We tasted steak, lamb, chicken, swordfish, kangaroo, yak, and buffalo. My favorites were the swordfish and yak, and although I decided kangaroo meat wasn’t quite my thing I loved the opportunity to try it and Chef Poe’s interpretation and preparation was outstanding. 




          I was so stuffed I wasn’t sure I’d be able to eat dessert, but the bread pudding was surprisingly light and the perfect end to a great meal!

          I had a great time at my first Mystery Meet dinner; it was so much fun chatting with other local foodies and I loved the surprise restaurant and menu! I would definitely dine at the Tip Tap room again, and attend another Mystery Meet dinner!
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