Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Taqueria Monte Cristo

          Out with another foodie the other day, we were craving tacos for lunch and decided to check out one of the places in east Somerville hoping for something cheap and authentic. We chose Taqueria Monte Cristo, a tiny El Salvadoran restaurant on Broadway, and found just what we were looking for.

          We ordered a beef and chicken taco, pork pupusa, and carne asada. We tried the chips and salsa while we waited and were a little disappointed – the chips were a little stale and the salsa was a little thin. Not off to a great start, I worried about the rest of the food, but it was better than I expected.

          The carne asada was the winning dish for the day, a thin sliced marinated steak served with rice and beans, and a side of fresh avocado, lettuce and tomato. The meat was delicious, tender and had a great flavor, I loved the combination of the beef and avocado, and the beans weren’t refried (an added bonus).

          The pork pupusa was also very good; it came with a giant jar of fresh coleslaw, more salsa, and although it was described as having cheese, I couldn’t taste any (I preferred it without). I liked the salsa much better with the pupusa than the chips, it was more like a hot sauce and the two went well together.

          The tacos both came with lettuce, tomato, onion, and cilantro in two corn tortillas with a side of lime. All the veggies were very fresh, but I scraped off most of the lettuce and tomato (I like my tacos without) and they were good but a little soggy. The chicken was fresh; I found a few bones in it, which I always consider a good sign. It was marinated in a sauce that had the flavor of hot sauce, but wasn't actually spicy. I didn't love the sauce, but the whole thing tasted better when I squeezed lime juice all over it. The steak was delicious, and tasted like the same cut used for the Carne asada. It was very tender and flavorful.

          They also brought out a huge jar of spicy pickled vegetables with our meals. I tried a piece of cauliflower, and it was just too spicy and too pickled for me (I’m not a fan of either).

          Overall this was a good meal, and definitely cheap and authentic. There are a couple of taco places in town that I like better, but I prefer this over any of the chains.

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