Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sapporo Ramen

          Sapporo ramen is located in the Japanese food court in the porter exchange building at Lesley College. I tried it once about a year ago, and have since tried to go back a few times but they’ve always been closed (they seem to close earlier than the rest of the food court). I recently tried again, walking in around 8:30 on a Friday and not only were they open but there was a small line. It wasn’t so bad, and we ended up being seated in about ten minutes.

          I ordered the spicy miso ramen, which I had been craving since my first visit. It was just as good as I remembered, it had a great flavor and really wasn’t spicy at all. It came loaded with ground pork, noodles, corn, and green vegetables. I tried a few bites of the hot and sour ramen, which was surprisingly spicier than mine. It had more of a peppery flavor than the typical Asian spice, and came with noodles, pork, and tofu. It was also very good but I preferred the spicy miso.


          We also shared an order of pork gyoza and pork buns (we intended them to be an appetizer, but they ended up coming out after the soup). The gyoza was good, but I would've liked them a little crispier. The pork buns were like little sandwiches, the pork was delicious, very tender and topped with some cucumber and hoisin sauce.

          The meal was just as good as I remembered and so far my favorite in the food court, although I have made it my goal to try all of them.

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