Sunday, April 19, 2015

TR Street Foods Takeover at Tavern Road

         If you're a fan of TR Street Foods you definitely need to check this out! For the month of April, Chef Louie DiBiccari’s internationally inspired TR Street Foods concept will cross the border to the restaurant’s main dining room. The new dinner menu includes more sophisticated plates that draw from classic street food flavors. Prepared with finesse and thoughtfully presented, these distinctive dishes are meant to be shared with friends and best paired with cocktails created especially for the occasion.

          I had the opportunity to sample the new menu with several bloggers last week, and we tried a good portion of the menu.   

          The white sweet potato samosas with walnuts and tamarind were a great take on this classic Indian dish. I enjoyed the slightly sweet interpretation of a normally savory dish.

          The chickpea frites with spicy tomato jam come straight from the TR Street Foods menu, as they are one of the most popular items. These tiny fried chickpea nuggets have a bit of a cheesy flavor to them and don't even need the sauce.

          The parsnip and potato pierogies were one of my favorite dishes, the crispy texture contrasting with the gooey potato inside was spot on.

          The ceviche with horseradish, cucumber, lemon, and olive oil served with plantain chips was light and refreshing - a perfect summer dish.

          The grilled octopus skewers with peppers, pearl onions, and caper vinaigrette was another one of my favorites. The octopus was charred perfectly and not at all chewy.

          The grilled steak skewers with red curry and chimichurri were also delicious, and extremely tender.

           The lamb meatball shwarma with arugula, cucumber, yogurt, and harissa is another favorite of mine from the TR Street Foods menu. I get this every time I come in for lunch, and this was just as good as the lunch version.

          The beef short rib with stir fry veg, thai chilies, and kafir lime was one of the most creative preparations of short rib I've ever had. Normally it's braised in some kind of sauce, but this preparation made for the most tender stir fry I've ever had.

          The milk and cookies was recommended by both the Chef and our server, so we knew we had to order them. Our expectations were high, and the creamy milk ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies did not disappoint. 

          The normal Tavern Road menu is also excellent but a bit more expensive. If you want to try the restaurant for a more casual and affordable option the Street Foods takeover is definitely worth checking out!

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