Monday, January 6, 2014

Tony and Ann's

          Tony and Ann's is a bit of a local legend. The original pizza shop was a tiny stand in North Chelmsford that opened in 1953, and it was even featured on the Simpsons. My Dad grew up with it, and when we were kids he would often drive down from NH to pick it up for dinner on Saturday nights. It's a very unique pizza, and I've heard people say you either love it or hate it. The sauce is sweet, the blend of cheese is unique, and the crust is on the thin side but soft. This was my family's favorite pizza place for years, and for a long time I didn't even like other pizza. They used to close in the winter, and each year just before before closing we'd stock up on frozen pizzas to hold us over until spring.

          In 2002 the original Tony and Ann's closed; it was a few years after Tony passed away and Ann was just getting too old to run it on her own. It was a sad day when I found out, I think I might have cried. Then in 2010 Tony and Ann's grandchildren reopened in Dracut, MA. There were lines out the door for a long time after they did, and my dad was definitely one of them! Since 2010 we've celebrated just about every occasion with tony and Ann's, and my dad gives me frozen pizzas every year for Christmas and my birthday. My favorite is the bacon pizza, which is a perfect contrast to the sweet sauce.

          Tony and Ann's is currently closed for the season but reopens 1/9/14! You should definitely check them out!

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