Sunday, October 13, 2013

Harvard Sweet Boutique

          I've been known to travel across country for a great meal, so why not head to Hudson? I recently hosted a Blog and Tweet Boston event at Harvard Sweet Boutique where we sampled some delicious sweet and savory goodies!

          Harvard Sweet Boutique was founded by Sue George six years ago as an ecommerce website providing fans all over the country a convenient way to order her delicious goodies and have them shipped right to the doors of friends and family. Following huge success online, George decided to open a community bakery near her hometown of Harvard in 2012 to offer nearby residents a location to enjoy fresh-from-the-oven treats.

This Hudson storefront (designed to look like a gingerbread house) has thrived since, and today the menu includes:
  • The handmade all-natural dessert items available online, as well as cakes, cupcakes, pies and more
  • A newly expanded menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner savories like granolas, tarts, soups, salads, focaccia breads and pizzas
  • A new grab-and-go shelf stocked with packaged candies and nuts, and products from other favorite local companies such as Gracenote Coffee Roasters, Quinn Popcorn, Doves and Figs, Joanna’s New World Biscotti, Salt Traders and Sweet Lydia’s
          Our tasting started with some breakfast treats including fresh baked sticky buns and cinnamon rolls.

          Next were some macaroons including some unusual flavors like tiramisu, passion fruit, and orange coconut curry. I tried the coconut curry and it was delicious and so unique sweet with just a hint of curry.

          We also tried selections of biscotti from Joanna's new world biscotti. She makes them all from scratch including tempering the chocolate. My favorite was the white chocolate and coconut, but the orange spice was the best dipped in coffee.

          We paired the biscotti with some gourmet coffee from Grace Note, a local roaster specializing in some of the best fair trade beans around. My favorite was the lighter, Kenyan roast.

          We moved onto savory with the croque monsieur, and this was by far my favorite dish we tried. It was one of the best I've had, with home made mornay sauce and fresh baked bread. Despite being full, I had four of these little bites and bought two sandwiches to take home (one for me and one for the bf). The bf also loved his. If I lived closer to Hudson, I would get one of these every day for lunch!

          If you want to check out Harvard Sweet Boutique on your own and sample some of these amazing treats, they have a one year anniversary event coming up this week! The celebration will take place Thursday October 17th from 11:30AM - 1PM and include complimentary samples, light lunch, coffee from gracenote, door prizes, and more. If you're in the area, make sure to stop by!

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  1. It was so nice to meet you at this event! Eventually I'll post my review because it really is such a great place to spread the word about. :-) And now I want a croque monsieur.

  2. So nice meeting you! Hope to see you at another event soon!