Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Food Court at Super 88

          The food court at the super 88 is a bit of a hidden jewel and a mini Chinatown located within an Asian grocery store in Allston. I discovered it on yelp when searching for new dim sum places, and found a restaurant that serves dim sum all day (Dim Sum Chef) plus several others including Asian BBQ, Korean, and Indian. I recently went with another foodie, tried a sampling of several different places, and had a great meal.


          We started with Kantin (the BBQ place) and tried a roast quarter duck and full rack of ribs. Although they weren’t hot, they were both very good. The duck was falling-off-the-bone tender and the ribs were sweet and flavorful.

          Next, we tried Dim Sum Chef and agreed this was our favorite. The food was standard dim sum fare, but hotter and fresher than some of our regular dim sum restaurants where the food has often been sitting out on a cart. The taro shrimp was my favorite, although the short rib rice rolls with fork tender beef and roasted carrots were also very good and reminded me of my mom’s beef stew.


          We ordered some vegetable noodles from the Korean place, but were so full we barely took a bite each and didn’t even get a picture. We left satisfied at trying half of the places on our first visit and a plan to try the other half next time!

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