Tuesday, May 22, 2012


          Oishii is one of my favorite sushi places in Boston. I’ve been several time to both the larger restaurant in the South End and the tiny sushi bar in Chestnut Hill. The fish is always the highest quality, and they have a mix of high end gourmet style sushi (accented with truffles, caviar, and gold flakes) and basic sushi, sashimi, and rolls.

The following are some of my favorites and highlights from a couple of recent visits:

Chef’s Special Sushi and Sashimi

          The options change daily, but are always fresh, high quality, and include a variety of standard and not so standard types of fish. Our server explained they are always prepared with very few accompaniments to showcase the fresh, clean flavors of the fish. When I tried them the sushi included: Tuna, Sockeye Salmon, Striped Mackerel, and Aji with lime and the sashimi included: King Salmon, Tuna, Toro, Kampachi, and Geoduck. My favorites were the King Salmon and Toro sashimi, and the Aji sushi.

White Salmon Sashimi with Truffles

          A white Salmon sashimi special, covered with shaved truffles! This was delicious, fresh, and an extremely generous portion of truffles.

Toro Tartare

          Oishii has several preparations of Toro on the menu, and they are creative enough (and different enough from each other) that you can order them all in one meal without being bored. Although the Toro and caviar in this dish were both outstanding, the most impressive part might be the presentation – it comes out on a giant block of ice!

Otoro Sashimi

          I absolutely love this dish! This is possibly my favorite at Oishii, and one of the best sushi preparations in Boston. The shaved truffles and creamy risotto are delicious with the Toro.

Seared Otoro Sashimi

          Searing Toro makes it even better if it's done right, and Oishii does it perfectly. They sear the fish just a little on the outside to give it that charred smoky flavor, but it is still raw / rare on the inside. The caviar and gold flakes are just the right finishing touch.

         I could go on and on! There are plenty of other great options on the menu, and there is quite a bit of variety. I tend to stick with my favorites (where you can’t really go wrong): salmon, tuna, truffles and caviar.

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